Rubicon recording and tour

Proud and pleased that the Rubicon-project has been recorded, mixed and is ready for release in 2016 for ECM!

Originally commissioned by Vossa Jazz-festival in 2014 and recorded in Rainbow Studio Oslo by Jan Erik Kongshaug and mixed with the help of maestro Manfred Eicher.

Trygve Seim, soprano and tenor sax
Eirik Hegdal, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano and barytone sax
Rob Waring, marimba and vibraphone
Thomas T Dahl, guitar
Harmen Fraanje, piano and fender rhodes
Olavi Louhivuori, drums
Mats Eilertsen, bass

Very happy with the result and extremely grateful for the wonderful playing and all the input, creativity and contributions from my good friends in the band.


This coming week, we are performing these places in Norway with the Rubicon:


22.oct Arendal Kulturhus
23.oct Bergen JazzForum
24.oct Dokkhuset/Trondheim


foto: André Løyning