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Mats Eilertsen, doulebass and effects

Live recording from Oslo, March 2020, during pandemic lockdown concert

Hemli Records

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and Tiger 

”Technically the best bass playing this reviewer has ever heard, in the service
of a fascinating, creative improvisational journey”

Mark Sullivan /AllAboutJazz /NorwegianDigitalJazzFestival

Fra Punkt-festivalen Sep 2020

Reveries and Revelations

All music by Mats Eilertsen and the musicians.
Arranged and assembled by Mats Eilertsen.
Geir Sundstøl: guitar, national guitar, banjo
track #1 and #9.
Eivind Aarset: guitar track #3.
Per Oddvar Johansen: snare drum track #10.
Thomas Strønen: drums, percussion and electronics
track #5,#6, #8.
Arve Henriksen, trumpet track #10.
Mats Eilertsen, double bass, electric bass, acoustic bass guitar, guitar, harmonium, keyboard.



Mats Eilertsen trio 2018 82354

photo: CF Wesenberg ©

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