Reviews in MilkFactory and The Guardian

Review in TheMilkFactory:

“In turn intimate or playful, introspective or passionate, SkyDive is a particularly evocative and incisive record. At the helm of his formation, Mats Eilertsen is a discreet yet determined leader, and his quintet, itself a gathering of impressive young Scandinavian talents, is extremely tight and effective. With this to convey his well-thought compositions, SkyDive is undoubtedly proving his strongest work to date.”

and The Guardian by John Fordham:

Mats Eilertsen, the quietly authoritative double-bassist in meditative piano star Tord Gustavsen’s group, has made his own effective fusion of north European ambient jazz and warmer, more explicitly congenial music. Eilertsen’s group features fellow Gustavsen sideman Tore Brunborg on saxes (one of Jan Garbarek’s most creative followers), and the sound of the bassist’s fine 2010 album Radio Yonder is expanded by the addition of young Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila. All the last disc’s patiently building climaxes, vaporous ballads and lyricism (from guitarist Thomas T Dahl) are here, but Tuomarila’s caressing touch and chordwork fill out the ensemble sound and power up the grooves. Slowly curling unison sax and guitar lines coax dreamily sauntering ballads; low-register Garbarek-like hoots drift over padding drums and distantly clanging guitar chords. There are also echoes of the folk-jazz of Avishai Cohen in the interplay of piano and bass vamps with daintily dancing themes, and the title track appropriately features Brunborg’s tenor skimming over ghostly bowed-bass motifs and deep, pulsing percussion. Dahl’s abstract clamour on The Void and Brunborg in funkier mode on The Old Oak bring a welcome brightness to the prevailing low-lights mood.