September has been truly fantastic so far.  Been fortunate to perform 7 concerts in Estonia in a trio-format with Estonian pianist Kristjan Randalu and finish drummer Markku Ounaskari. I must admit it was one of the most challenging musical experiences I´ve had so far, with (to me, a rubato bassist!) really difficult, fast, but great through-composed music, in odd-meters. But really happy we pulled it of together in a good way and got to learn the music and get on top of it eventually since we had the opportunity to perform the music in Viljandi in addition to 6 sets in Philly Joe´s, Tallinn (2 sets a night 3 days in a row) What a privilege!

Then I traveled to Seoul, South-Korea to play with the swedish maestro Bobo Stenson, pno, and always inspiring Jon Fält , dr. Even though KLM/AirFrance/KoreanAir managed to destroy my bass on the way over there, it was an adventure to be allowed to play with these two marvelous lyrical swedes again.

Some flights, 2 great concerts and a lot of kimchi later, I returned to Norway again only 32 hours after I left Oslo to Seoul, to play concerts with Skydive Trio, with Thomas T Dahl, guitar and Olavi Louhivuori, drums. The music in this trio is really evolving and traveling, I think. We also had a day of rehearsal, 4 concerts and tried out some brand new songs and ideas of ours,  and I even got to finally play the electric-bass again and! So easy to play with these guys and it looks promising for the future!

This week going to Denmark and Austria to play with the dynamic danes Mark Solborg and Peter Brun together with Herb Robertson playing the trumpet.

Good times!